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Life Adventure Retreats & Life Coaching
Keys to Success

Join the Adventure.  Come to camp as an individual or a group and experience all that the Purpose Foundation has to offer.  We are just getting started and we have great plans for the future.  Add your ideas and talents to the mix to help us create the greatest life self-discovery adventure camp on the planet!  Online Events are coming soon.  Until then please call 414-255-4251 for information on upcoming events!


Volunteer.  We have intensive work parties almost every month during the Spring Summer and Fall.  Work together and share in the benefits of helping us build Spring Lake Retreat!    Please note because we work with kids, we do screen all of our volunteers with an interview process and background check.   Fill out the contact us form and let us know how you would like to help!


Give.  We have already received great support and gifts from individuals and corporations who believe in our mission.  We would be grateful for your gift of any amount AND you get to share in the joy of knowing that you have sponsored someone on their journey to give back to the community through a better understanding of their own personal talents, personality and purpose!


Refer.  If you know someone who could use a boost in life or help us on this journey, please refer them to us!  


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