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Life Adventure Retreats

Keys to Success
Keys to Success & Life Coaching

Decisions.  Our life journey and how we experience it is formed by a string of decisions.  Relationships. Skill Development. Career Path. Nutrition. Exercise. Drugs and Alcohol.  Good decisions and bad decisions in each of these areas string together to create a life path and lead to very different destinations.   In our fast forward plays, videos and eventual VR 3D learning series these subjects will be explored in ways that help participants become armed with the knowledge of real-life consequences to good and bad decisions and become empowered to choose the good ones – not only because they are “good” or “bad” but because they understand the impact on their life path and where they want to go. 

Hope.  Without hope and a clear path of how to get to the desired destination, good decisions become obscured.  We accept each participant right where they are at.  Difficult home situations can sometimes put someone in a hope defecate.   Exploring what could be and what if scenarios that open up possibilities never dreamed of are designed into all of the programs for one purpose –  to build hope.  Mentors that believe in you are approachable and personal.  Tools for parental and mentor engagement so that the journey does not end when camp ends.  

Tools.  Personality Analysis, Skills Aptitude and Personal Purpose are all explored with high tech tools and guided adventure journeys to enlighten a participant to their full potential.  These tools help determine the potential life goal sets that will lead to life fulfillment.  How many people do you know that are living their dreams and are getting paid to do it?  Why is that number so small?  Armed with the correct information for good decision making, that statistic will rise significantly.  We combine 1) Personality Analysis – (determines life satisfaction / fulfillment decisions) with 2) Skills Aptitude – (determines the strong and weak traits for career path) to help participants write strong personal purpose statements and then teach them to use that purpose statement as a tool to help guide life decisions and goals.  The end result is someone who is making the right decisions because of their own internal compass – they want to get to a personal life goal and see it as achievable – not because of external influence of “good and bad”.

Team.  Understanding that one cannot get to their chosen destination without help from others and that each person’s unique personality and skills can be used to help others reach their goals as well.  Helping and teaching others is known to be one of the best ways to master any subject matter.  The practical team building adventures built into each group’s journey solidifies the experience (and the self-exploratory learning) into life long memories and friendships.

Adventure.  Who doesn’t want a sense of adventure in their life?  Zip Lines, Treasure Hunts, GEO Cashing, Kayak trips, Waterslides.   Real life 'choose your own adventure' books that paint pictures of decisions and consequences.   Get ready for the adventure of a life time!

Animals.  Horseback Riding, Feeding Goats.  Playful Chickens. Crazy Guinees.  Animals always seem to bring out the best in people.  We will have a great selection of educational farm animals to learn from and interact with.


Purpose.  This is what we want each camper to leave with – a strong sense of personal purpose.  This is why we do what we do and is the long term impact we hope to have on each participant.  Our objective is that they would be armed with knowledge, experience, relationships and hope that will enable good decisions when confronted with choices that would negatively impact their future.

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