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Spring Lake Retreat

Spring Lake Retreat Life Adventure Camps

The Purpose Foundation Life Adventure Camps are places where youth and young adults can come to have a mentored leadership summit with themselves like no other.    Our camps are a life-size exploration of the question “Who do you want to be when you grow up?” We transform that question into “What contribution to others and society are you well equipped to make?" & "What decisions will lead to a life of fulfillment?” A person’s gifts and talents will become a gift to others and bring great personal satisfaction if they are encouraged and honed. We are combining adventures and a personal confrontation with the most important decisions of life that will cause the participants to pause, look in the mirror and come face to face with their future and the decisions that will shape much of their future success.  Life is after all culmination of our decisions.  We are dedicated to providing the tools to make good decisions and empower life fulfillment.   


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